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2° Online Meditation will begin at

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Below is the link and password to participate in the 2nd International Online Meditation

You can join us on Zoom yourself. Use the email from your Zoom account!

We will broadcast the meditation through the  Zoom platform. If you don’t have an account yet, download it from 

The link and password are below for everyone to access and it will not change

If you have someone who would also like to join the Meditation tomorrow, forward this link to them

The meditation will be held in English and translated into Italian, Spanish, German and Russian

To enable translation into your language, you need to click on the globe icon at the bottom of the Zoom conference window after entering the conference

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Passcode: 789626

January 7th, 2024

Los Angeles: 6:00am – 7:30am

Rome, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam: 3:00pm – 4:30pm

Sydney: 1:00am – 2:30am Jan. 8th

Download Global Coherence Initiative free App from HeartMath Institute

The goal of this meditation is to stimulate a coherent state in ourselves and spread it around us. To monitor this, we’ll use the HeartMath Institute’s technology: an App through which you can monitor your Heart Coherency and the coherency of all participants as a group.

Scientific studies have shown that when we express emotions of appreciation, love, and compassion (as opposed to anxiety, anger, or fear), our heart rhythm will show as being more coherent or consistent. This coherence has been linked to a sense of wellbeing, as well as being more emotionally stable and reaching peak states of mindfulness.

The heart is both a receiver, in fact, it is always described as capable of perceiving emotions, but it is also an emitter, in fact it produces the largest electromagnetic field in the body. This field can interact and positively influence everyone around us.

The more we are in a coherent stated, related to feelings of warmth, love, protection, compassion, relaxation, the more we’ll produce a strong field that can positively stimulate others.

This is the goal of this meditation: to stimulate a coherent state in ourselves and spread it around us.
Ruring the meditation we'll explain how to use the App.

Download Global Coherence Initiative free App from HeartMath Institute (Link Android, Link Apple Store)

Download:  Android -,

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Meditation 2024 flyer in IMG format

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Participants from all over the world will connect simultaneously and meditate to bring harmony to yourself and the World

  • Spread the word! The more of us, the higher influence we can have on the world around us

  • Let’s unite to rise our frequency and the frequency of the Earth

During the 1st Meditation in 2021
we welcomed participants from
29 different counties!