What is K~Physis?

K-Physis is the result of 30 years of research and passion that Marco Rado, together with his wife Monica Angelillo, has put into this unique work.

In this name K stands, of course, for Kinesiology and Physis means the Force of Nature.

Physis comes from the root phyo (φύω) which means "I generate", "I grow", and it indicates the totality of things that exist, are born, live, evolve. It includes both the principle from which the world springs and the individual things derived from it. Physis is the fundamental energy at the base of Life and all its manifestations.

All the terms like physics, physiology, physician, physical derives from It.

K-Physis is an energetic method that uses the kinesiological Muscle Response Testing to access the Life’s Force of an individual, identifying specific resources a person needs to express their potential completely at a physical, biochemical, emotional and energetic levels.

It integrates the modern scientific knowledge with the ancient wisdom of energetic traditional medicines like Ayurveda, Alchemy and especially Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Classical Chinese Medicine.

Marco Rado has taught this method in all 5 continents and is worldwide famous for his unique way of presenting deep and complex concepts in a very simple and easy-to-understand way.

Who is Marco Rado?

Marco Rado

Founder of K-Physis, Kinesiologist

Marco Rado comes from the scenic town of Bergamo, in the Lombardy region of Italy. With a background in physiotherapy, Marco began his kinesiology journey over 30 years ago practicing a number of modalities, Applied Physiology in particular which he studied in the USA and Germany.

With a passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine and manual therapies such as osteopathy and fascial manipulation, Marco has broadened his studies in these areas to increase his knowledge and skills.

Marco is a respected international course author and trainer who easily and beautifully weaves together scientific concepts and theories with traditional energetic philosophies. He teaches in many European countries like Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary and Ireland, and is regularly invited to other places around the world to share his wonderful method (like Russia, Ukraine, Australia and South Africa).

For a long time Marco has been a Board Member of the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (IASK) and the Italian Association of Specialized Kinesiology (AKSI).

Marco Rado and Kinesiology

In 2003, Marco began writing his own courses integrating western science and traditional eastern medicines. Monica has always been by Marco's side, supporting and adding her knowledge and experience. Originally they called their work Integrative Physiology, but very few people used that name — usually they just called it “Marco’s classes”. That is why Marco and Monica decided to re-name the method to K-Physis. As of 2022, the method embraces 18 classes.

In 2017, the Physis International Institute of Kinesiology was founded where Marco and Monica together with their team teach Touch for Health, Applied Physiology and K-Physis classes to their Italian students.

Kinesiologist Marco Rado AIAS Meeting of associations Oxford 2018 pic

K-Physis Foundations is the basic class of the method. It is required for all other classes in K-Physis

Recently science has changed the way cells are seen and more importance is now given to the Extracellular Matrix (ECM) or simply called the Living Matrix. The Living Matrix is a dynamic continuous net that reaches every corner extending throughout the whole body: every single cell is connected to all the other cells of the body! The Extracellular Matrix also exhibits a lot of biochemical, electromagnetic, and energetic properties and is where the Ground Regulation of homeostasis displays its function involving the nervous, immune and endocrine systems.

K-Physis Foundations (formerly the Basics of Life - Unwinding the Living Matrix) pic